Destinie Bauer-Mitchell, LMT


Signature Massage

60 minutes: $80
90 minutes: $110

Signature session tailored to your specific needs, providing relaxation while incorporating deep tissue massage techniques to target areas of pain. 

Add On: Hot Stone

Service minutes: $10

Hot stone massage wands are incorporated into the massage to provide soothing, penetrating heat to increase relaxation and melt away tension in muscles.

Add On: Sinus Relief

Service minutes: $10

This treatment is a combination of hot towels, eucalyptus oils and sinus massage to help open up passageways.

Add On: Peppermint Foot Soother

Service minutes: $10

Pamper those tired feet with the power of peppermint!  This revitalizing foot massage incorporates pure peppermint essential oil and a deep penetrating lotion that softens callused and rough areas. Skin quickly "drinks-in" all the benefits leaving a renewed feeling of comfort and vitality.

Aromatherapy Tonic Scalp Massage

Service minutes: $10

A tonic of vodka and pure essential oils is used to provide a soothing and refreshing scalp massage.  You can choose either the relaxation aromatherapy blend or the peppermint headache relief blend.

On-Site Corporate & Event Chair

Chair massage is a short massage, anywhere from five to 30 minutes, done through the clothing. It typically focuses on key tension areas in the back, neck, shoulders and arms. A professional practitioner performs it in a specially designed ergonomic massage chair.

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Elderly Massage

Contact for quote. minutes

On-site service to help "keep the elderly in touch."  imageGentle techniques provide stress relief and relaxation, improve circulation, pain relief, increased self esteem, overall body function improvement, and also much needed emotional comfort and support.  This is a hands-on complementary approach for those in retirement communities, assisted living, nursing homes, hospice, and palliative care. 

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